Mothers, I finally understand you. 

I know they always say this, but you'll never truly understand ones feelings until you've walked a mile in their shoes. Well, this mile of motherhood is almost 3 months long, and holy cow my heart could burst right out of my chest (they always say that too). 

Motherhood is my dream come true. My daughters, my husband, my fur babies, it's all just such a dream to me. It's all I've ever wanted. I can hardly wrap my mind around the love that pours out of me every day. The first giggles and constant smiles, the way they look up at me while I nurse them, the way their little boddies tangle up together while they nurse, sleep, play... They are little best friends. Their twin bond is unlike anything I've ever seen. It makes me so proud to see them calm eachother just by being placed near one another. The way they coo at eachother, the start of their own secret language that I will never know. They way they squiggle toward eachother when they're swaddled and ready for bed. They just have to be touching to go to sleep. 

I could go on and on. Today I was just really hit with the joy and excitement of this life that I'm living. I don't want to forget a single thing. I don't want to forget their tiny toes, their sweet gummy smiles. I want this stage to last forever, but at the same time I am simply aching to watch them grow up. I can't wait to play with them. To create with them. To learn with them. I can't wait to see who they will be, what they will do, how they will change this world. I am so proud of them already. 

So mothers, I finally understand what you mean when you say your babies are like your heart walking around on the outside. And to my mother, thank you for loving me the way I love my babies. The way you poured your whole self into me, the little things you did every day, you were always there. Thank you. 

I hope you are all well, lovelies. I hope you're enjoying your holiday season with whoever you call family.