Annie & Sybelle: Two Months

Two months. It truly is hard to believe. I am so unbelievably in love with these babies and all the adventures that they have brought to my life. This last month has been hard, maybe even the hardest yet. But it has been so worth it. After every hard night, or long day of tears, I fall more and more in love with these girls. I still really can't believe that I made them, both of them, in my tummy for 9 months. And then all of the sudden, they are here. 

Though this month has been full of really hard days where both babies have cried and cried and cried endlessly for what seemed like no reason at all, it has been the best month of my life. I am so torn between wanting the girls to stay teeny tiny forever, and being so amazed and excited about how they grow and grow every day. Their personality comes through more and more every hour it seems, and it is just so amazing to see how beautifully unique they both are. They are so fun right now! They have been so so smiley and love to play on their play mat, they will only sleep if they are in the same crib, snuggled up nice and close to eachother, and they NEED naptime or they are miserable little monsters. They really love when their daddy comes home, as soon as he talk to them they are all smiles. I just can't wait until they start to giggle and laugh at all his silliness. 

My mom and sister still come over almost every day and I am so thankful for them. Kyle is growing into his roll as their daddy and it is so incredible to watch him love them. Our doggie Jack is their most fierce protector, when we return home after being away with the babies he always runs back and forth between their carseats to make sure they're still as happy and healthy as he left them. He always gets so overwhelmed when they're crying, it's like he's pacing and looking at me like "uhm, mom, are you going to do something about that?!" Yes Jack, working on it. 

I just feel so whole. No matter how tired I may be or how overwhelming our days can get, I feel like I've never been more myself. I truly was born to be their momma and feel so lucky to spend my days with them. 

I hope you're doing well, take good care lovelies!