Yoga For Anxiety

I have been feeling a lot of anxiety lately. It seems that it is becoming easier and easier to feel overwhelmed with all of the "should be doings," so I have found myself diving deeper into my yoga practice to ease my worries and my racing heart. Here are my very favorite ways to reduce my stress and come back to what is important. Firstly, find yourself a corner. A little corner of the world that you can call yours just for a few moments. The other day, for me, this meant Kyle's late grandma's property. We call it The Farm, and it is the most beautiful piece of her that we are still so lucky to be able to visit. Coming here not only brings us closer to her memory, but it brings us peace through nature. This particular day, we were blessed with the most stunning golden hour there has ever been. This was my safe corner for a few moments.

IMG_6219 IMG_6208 IMG_6206 IMG_6189 IMG_6166 IMG_6163

Stunning, yes? (Also if you have a being whom you love, snuggle them for a moment... then proceed.)

Now for some yoga. Here are five stretches/positions that sooth my worries with some quiet heat mixed with gracious length.

IMG_6199 IMG_6201 IMG_6211 IMG_6187 IMG_6183

I hope you can find some peace today, and I encourage you to find a quick moment to move through some poses that ease your soul.

Take good care, lovelies!