IMG_6064 IMG_6068 IMG_6065 IMG_6069 IMG_6070 IMG_6088 IMG_6084 IMG_6078 IMG_6081 I saw these booties at the mall the other day and decided that my measly student budget did not include the purchase of booties because hey, they're just not essential to my wellbeing. Or so I thought. Because for 3 days after I laid eyes on the beauty that these booties are, they were all I could think about. Yes I am overexagerating but I simply had never felt this way about shoes before!!!!

So I went back and bought them :) hehehehehehe I'M SO HAPPY I DID!!!
I'm so so happy with them and for a lady who sucks at walking in heals, they are a dream to walk in. Moral of the story: me and my booties are very happy together.
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Take good care lovelies!