Fall Favourites!


This week I took a lot of time to myself to just reconnect and do the things that I'm usually too busy to do! As I was doing such things, I compiled a list of lovely fall things that just make this time of year a little bit more snuggly and fresh and lovely.

  1. Fall Polish: Essie Sand Tropez! This colour isn't the typical deep, fall colour, but I've been obsessed. Literally it's been on my nails since the beginning of September non stop! I love. And it's so light it's hard to tell when it chips - which is fab in my books. sand_tropez
  2. Basic Starbucks Bitch: I can't deny, the fall cups just get me (Sarah, it's just a cup...) but ugh!!!!! I love. Makes me feel so warm and fuzzy inside. My bank account appreciated that in the summer I hardly had Starbucks, but the fall Starbucks drinks call to my soul and Lord knows I cannot say no to my soul. (I usually just get a Skinny Vanilla Late made with Cocoanut Milk!) gallery-1442956864-toasted-graham-latte
  3. Wedged Ankle Booties!!!: I love. I suck at walking in heals but a wedged heal bootie is like a dream for my wiggly ankles! I'm obsessed. I'm absolutely in love, and they just make casual outfits look SO chic and put together! 7d1ec00b409657777abcbbd30e082e51
  4. Blanket Scarves: They're like my dream come true. Seriously. I'm always freezing, so the fact that it is fashionable to basically wear a blanket around your neck for your convenience is a. dream. come. true. Untitled3
  5. Fall walks: It has been SO much fun to go for walks in nature with the husband and the pups, it just feeds my soul and makes me feel so rejuvenated with the turn of the seasons (Jeez Sarah you went from blanket scarves to feeding your soul settle down). IMG_5881 - Edited
  6. Everything on this list!!


Swoon *heart eyes* I love fall. Love. A lot. Mm.

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Take good care lovelies!