Shania Twain Concert OOTD!

Guys. My dream came true last night. For my entire life I couldn't believe that Shania Twain was real. Seriously. She was such a mystical creature and whenever I had a temper tantrum my mom would lay me down on the floor and play Shania and I would just pass out (ugh I was a treacherous toddler, bless my heart). Anywho.. She came to town a few months ago and tried as I might I could not get tickets! She sold out in like 3 minutes flat and I was devastated. HOWEVER, she announced another concert date which was yesterday and I'm not even sure it was real. It was... but yo know what I'm sayin? ANYWHO here is my outfit, twas very exciting! DSCN1093DSCN1094 DSCN1092

At first I had on this quarter sleeved crop top but this particular shirt is super thick and it was SOOO hot out that I had to change... I put on a plain white tank top and took a jean jacket with me just in case!


YAY! I thrifted these pants and I LOVE THEM! They're seriously so comfortable but I love the texture they add to the outfit. The heals are super hard to walk in but I just love how they look especially with these pants! I think they're from Urban Behavior.

So there you go, my dream come true and the outfit I wore to it! If you've seen Queen Shania in concert let me know what you thought of her show down below!!

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Take good care lovelies!