New Beginnings

573aa64ec46cc71d99518463180fdf4aChange has always been so hard for me. My dad was in the military, so growing up he went away a lot, we moved a lot, and there was always a lot going on. I never ever liked it, but I realize now that those lessons that I learned so early throughout all of the none stop change is such a blessing. Now, as a very young adult, I look at the changing leaves on the tress during my favourite season of the year and see beauty. The green leaves were beautiful, but they had their time in the world and now it's time for something new. How wonderful to think that change and new beginnings roots itself down into the beauty of nature, and not just our materialistic lives. IMG_2548Suddenly, while strolling with my pups in the chilled autumn air, that change is scary, uncertain, and stressful. Yet it is exciting, encouraging, and magical. We are so lucky to be able to make choices that can change our lives. As the leaves change, I hope you find courage to accept the new beginning in your life too. Take good care, lovelies!