to buy or to build... help!

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Alright friends, above you will see some Pinterest found photos of my dream! Take these into consideration while reading the following...

I mentioned a few posts ago that we are looking at buying a home in the country somewhere. Anywhere, really. Unfortunately, we aren't having much luck with finding a home that we both equally love, or even like to be quite honest. I mean, I can fall in love with almost any home, the potential just screams at me. But let's be real, Kyle, the other, more reasonable and realistic half of me, seems to think that we can do better. Every. Time. We. Find. A. House. I'm not frustrated, really.

So it dawned on me. We could build. Maybe. Right?

I mean, we have found so many pieces of vacant land that fit our criteria... And it can't be that awful to build? My idea would be to build something real small for now, and as our family (and income) expands, so can our home. We can plan for additions! And the house will be whatever we want it to be! But small. I want small.

What I'm really trying to get at here is... help?! What are your thoughts? Pros and cons about both? I just don't think I'm patient enough for Kyle and I to find a home that suits both of our fancies, you see? Obviously it will be a long haul to build but EEEK just the thought makes my creative little soul squeal.

OK, fire off in the comments if you have any thoughts on my scrambled little brain!

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Take good care, lovies!