Grab a coffee, and let's chat about change, shall we? unnamed

Change is imminent in my life. It is coming and it was not expected, not one bit.

Both me and Kyle are at that moment in our lives where we are constantly searching for something that truly brings joy. A career that we know we're meant to be in. For me, a career that will allow me to become a stay at home mother, when that time comes. Deep down in both of our hearts, our paths that we are currently taking are not our heart's desires. And that, is very very scary.

I am currently about to head into my third year of university. My plan was to graduate with my Bachelor of Art's Degree, and then go on to getting my Education Degree to become a grade school teacher. Deep down I knew it wasn't my dream, but hey, it would pay well and I'd get great holidays. But after two years of intense passionless education, and another three years looming ahead, I started this blog. A fire was lit inside me, and I knew that this was it. This blog, this community, this is where I wanted my career to start. This is where my heart is.

Last week, I got a full time job offer that I'm only allowed to talk about vaguely until it is solidified. At that particular job, I would be able to work on Growing A Little Love on and off during my whole shift. However, this position would be starting this winter... before I could graduate with my Bachelors of Arts Degree. I could still go to school part time, but I would not be on track to graduate like I had planned. I would not become a teacher in 3 years time.

This week Kyle, who has had some career disappointments lately, has been approached by another job offer. He has worked his current job for almost a decade, and this new opportunity has gotten us both thinking about the future pretty intensely.

To me, telling people I'm partially dropping out of something so stable, so normal - university - to attempt something so abstract, so different - blogging - is absolutely daunting. Judgement, fear, and failure is all so daunting. But I don't think I would have it any other way. Kyle and I are going to start new adventures, and with new adventures comes judgement, fear, and failure, and that's what makes it an adventure.

With these new quests coming, Kyle and I have both been diving deep into our passions, which both happen to be writing. I'm on here Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and a few days in between, and Kyle has been writing a non fiction series. Our passions are starting to make way, and with that, our old paths are starting to lose importance.

This is good. This is good change. It is exciting and terrifying all at the same time. I truly cannot wait for what's to come, no matter how hard it might be. None of this is official as of yet, but I have a deep feeling that it will be soon...


Take really good care lovies, may your path be fueled by passion.