How Yoga Fueled My Spiritual Journey

This pose is actually really hard for me, but it feels soooo good! I grew up in a home where religion wasn't often spoken about. My dad grew up in a Catholic household, going to church every Sunday but never really knowing spirituality. When my father read the Bible, he was shocked and dug deeper into the education of religion and deemed it all something he never wanted his kids to be wrapped up in.

My mother grew up in a minimally religious home, rarely going to church but still believing in the fundamentals of Christianity. She always wanted her kids to have some sort of spirituality to fall back on when life got rough, but my father was so adamant on letting us explore for ourselves that I didn't set foot into a Sunday service until I was about 17 years old.

My boyfriend, now husband, Kyle was raised in an extremely Christian household. He was a Youth Leader and spent a lot of time at church. However once he graduated highschool he was less passionate about his spirituality, and stopped going to church.

When we got engaged, Kyle's mom threw us a Jack & Jill wedding shower at their church, and I was completely swept away by the loving community. If nothing else, the sense of love and belonging was enough to launch me into discovering my spirituality that had gone unnoticed for so long. What really unlocked my faith, however, was Yoga.

I have always known myself to be a very passionate, creative, spiritual person, but I never had the knowledge to dive into my spiritual side. I really threw myself into it when I started trying Yoga. I was really tired of hating going to the gym, so I just rolled out my mat one day and turned on Yoga with Adriene's YouTube channel and I couldn't stop. Not only was it the most soul healing workout I had ever experienced, but I felt authentic, present, and spiritual. I truly started to feel whole. Slowly, my yoga practice filled a hole I'd been feeling for a long time.

With this new found practice I started getting excited to go to events hosted by Kyle's church, and started mentioning to him that we should attend Sunday church services some time! He isn't as excited as I am, but he agreed.

I'm not sure what it was about it, but yoga turned my spirit inside out. I feel whole, and full, and loved. My yoga journey has become so much more than just yoga. It has been a journey of finding authenticity, unconditional self love, and spirituality. These are some things that I never knew I craved so deeply. My journey is not over, it has simply just begun.

I really hope I can inspire some of you to find something that feels good to you, that feels authentic. After years of weight lifting in a gym and dreading every session, I finally found peace in my fitness routine that has seeped into the rest of my life, spiritually especially. This is what feels good. I know you can find that too, wherever it may be.


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Take good care, lovelies!