The Go Getter Smoothie

My husband got sick and so inevitable I got sick the next day, so this smoothie is helping me kick it right in the butt! There is nothing like giving your system a 1 litre boost of pure nature and love first thing in the morning! I've never really felt full from a smoothie before, especially in the morning. I really really love my carbs for breakfast but I've been trying to give my body the most love that I can lately, and this smoothie has really done the trick (especially when you can sneak some greens in there)! This is also great if you're not a breakfast eater! The hubby of mine goes to work at 6am and doesn't eat until almost noon! He's living a whole new world now that his wonderful caring wife wakes up to make him his own litre of smoothie :) My favourite combination is as follows!

  • 1/2 banana
  • 1 apple
  • a large handful of spinach/kale
  • about 1 cup of frozen berries of your choice - I always use mixed
  • enough original almond milk to make the consistency that you like
  • 1 heaping tbsp. of ground flax seed

IMG_2167 IMG_2173 IMG_2174 IMG_2175 IMG_2176 IMG_2179 IMG_2180

The flax seed gives you an extra kick of protein and fibre, along with the heaping handful of super greens of your choice! I tried vanilla almond milk with this combination as well but I'm actually loving the plain almond milk better! You can mix up or switch out any ingredients that you like, but this is by far the best combination I've made so far :)

Also, this freaking blender is the best thing that's ever happened to me! We got it as a wedding gift and thank goodness we did because my old tiny little blender was on its death bed. It is definitely a bit of an investment, but I couldn't be happier with this thing. You'll find  a link below!

Hope you enjoy!!

Take gooood care lovies!


Kitchenaid Blender: