Our home: pretty little spaces


I said in a recent post that we've been house hunting. This process has been emotionally exhausting but has been so much fun! Considering Kyle and I are newly weds and I have never bought a house before, it is quite the interesting process to be going through. This new step in our life has made me appreciate the little pieces of my home that I have come to love. I'm really really excited for our new home (that we have yet to find) because I have never really felt like our current house is truly our home. We have always known we would be moving to the country soon into our marriage, so it was difficult to want to spend the money on renovations and specific details when we knew we'd be leaving this house fairly soon. Over this house hunting process however I have grown to appreciate the little pieces of our house that have grown the beginning pieces of our relationship. Even though I haven't poured my heart and soul into this house, it has provided us with comfort, shelter, and a place to call home. This post is simply an appreciation post of the pretty little spaces we have created in a house that we will only call home for a few more months.


This little candle holder or what have you was a custom made wedding gift from my beautiful Mom. If you look close enough, the little people look exactly like Kyle and I, down to Kyle's dimples!

Silly cabinets with missing handles.


Take good care, and appreciate today lovelies!signature