Life Lately!

This past weekend was a long one, which was incredible! I work every Saturday so I don't often get a full 2 day weekend. So, when I got Sunday and Monday off Kyle and I jumped on the offer to go to my best friend Joelle's cabin for the weekend! We dropped the puppies off at my dad's house (he's our designated babysitter and he loves it) after work on Saturday and we were off to the beach! We didn't take many pictures out there, but this is what Joelle took of us playing in the huge waves! IMG_2106 IMG_2107 IMG_2108

We left Monday afternoon for my cousin's kid's birthday party! There, we hung out with my family and Kyle played with my sisters 2 month old, Sadie, and my heart may or may not have exploded. Her cheeks are hilarious in these pictures! I can't wait to have babies!!!

IMG_2082 IMG_2083

Tuesday after work my friend Bre invited me to the Farmer's Market, and Lord knows that's my stomping ground! I picked up the most beautiful Kale, lettuce, green beans, and carrots I've ever seen! And a gorgeous basil plant, and two succulents! *insert heart eyes hereeee* I potted the succulents in 2 jars that we used as décor for our wedding!

DSCN0717DSCN0731 DSCN0733

On Wednesday I had something pretty cool to do! Joelle is a cheerleader for the Winnipeg Blue Bombers (CFL football team) which is pretty dang cool (picture below is from a game we went to recently to see her cheer!). She invited me and a few of our friends to a Yoga fundraiser! I was so excited! We got to do yoga on the football field with a few of the players, all of the cheer team, and there was wine and food afterwards. It was sooo much fun!untitled

IMG_2095 IMG_2096

All in all, this past weekend and beginning of our week has been so wonderful. It just takes the little things like these to make your days more full of love and purpose.

On a side note, remember in last post I mentioned the house hunting beginning...?

Well! We're going to see a house tonight!!! Kyle and I have tried not to get our hopes up about it, but the property is absolutely perfect for what we're looking for. It has a pond the size of a football field for my water loving puppies, canoeing, and skating in the winter time, 14 acres of land, a pool, and a hot tub (with a hot tub room for our freezing ass winters!!!). The house seems a little run down unfortunately... but we will wait to see it in person to decide anything. If we do end up buying this house, we will probably be living there for almost ever. Which means lots of time to completely renovate and make this house our home!

That's about it for today! I hope you all are having the loveliest of days,

Take good care!