When life goes it's own way...

DSCN0576 Today I planned on posting the Honeymoon Part 2 blog with the pictures that Kyle took on his camera (he took more than I did!). Unfortunately we cannot for the life of us find his adapter cord to transfer the pictures to my PC and upload them. This frustrated me, because I always get so excited when my creative juices are flowing. When I have an idea, I run with it and if it stops abruptly due to something unexpected I get very put off.

This had me thinking. It had me thinking that life will ultimately go wherever it chooses and we are just migrating our way through. The day after we came home from our honeymoon I was feeling really bummed about going back to my crappy job and getting back into the daily grind. I was feeling uninspired after an incredible trip to an incredible place where all I had to do was spend time with my husband. Today I realized that the daily grind is life and I had better find happiness in it or it's going to be a tedious life.

The daily grind is where the little pleasures lie. Like making your house a home. Like quietly making a living to live how you want. Like creating life and having a family. Like choosing to turn off your phone and just sit with the two puppies that make your life more difficult and more wonderful every single day. So today, as I sit at my desk for an 8 hour work day, I'm choosing to be inspired by my daily grind, because not every day is going to be a walk on the beach but every day can be just as beautiful as one.

Today, I'm choosing happiness over everything else.

Take good care, friends.