Hi Friends! aboutme (3)

I started this blog to document my life. All of the wonderful fleeting moments that I crave to remember forever. The little, normal moments that make up a life. So here I am, craving to make this a place to turn to when you need a sprinkle of inspiration or understanding or normalcy or love. A place where little daily thoughts become a reminder that it is the little things make up your life.

Here are some of the basics about little old me! You will find more in depth details on the blog page, but here are the basics!

  • My name is Sarah, my middle name is Elizabeth and as a little one my parents called me Sarah-Beth.
  • I am 20 years old. DOB: Jan 16 1995
  • I am a wife.
  • I am approximately 5 foot 4.
  • I am a doggy mama to a border collie named Tali, and a terrier cross named Jack.
  • I am also a cat mama to a black and white tuxedo cat named Enzo, and a grey and white baby girl named Maisy.
  • I am a housewife in training.
  • I am a creative soul.
  • I am exploring my faith.
  • I thrive off of other people, but I thoroughly enjoy being alone.
  • I became a wife on July 11th, 2015.
  • I have been vegetarian since November 2014, and am working hard on transitioning to a fully vegan lifestyle.
  • I love everything DIY, party planning, yoga, music, makeup, lifestyle... basically your regular every day blogger!

Feel free to ask questions if you're dying to know more!

Thank you so much for stopping by,

Take good care!